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Eden is a powerful contemporary portraitist and artist.  


She creates iconic images that are fresh and edgy with classical sensibilities.

Through her lens she produces captivating, engaging photographs for her very diverse clientele;

Actors, Models, Musicians and other Visual or Performing Artists,

Corporate head-shots, PR Identity, Editorials or artistic personal Portraits.


Eden's work is charged with the passion of a multitalented professional,

an accomplished artist and a global humanitarian.

Her diverse experience in the film, theatre, music and magazine industry gives her

a distinctive edge and an amazing skill set.


In her expansive career, she has been employed as an Art Director, Set Designer,

Make Up Artist, Stylist and Producer.

Amongst her clients are; Disney, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Fila, Paramount Pictures, RSA Films and E!TV.  


Eden has worked with international Artist and Celebrities such as;

Bill Gates, Jude Law,  Ozzie Osbourne, Kristen Stewart, Marilyn Manson,

Muhammad Ali, George Clooney, Outkast and Green Day.  


She is a painter.

She is a humanitarian. 

She is an Art Psychotherapist. 

Eden is very passionate about her subjects and environment, she enjoys the

collaborative synergy through which she produces immortalising images. 


Eden lives in London.

She has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Paris, Madrid, Sydney, Nairobi. 



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